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We at Exotic Critter Tales would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, we are Toronto's alternative petting zoo and we are dedicated to spreading knowledge and face to face experience with different, exotic animals from around the world!

We offer a variety of different animals that most people will never get the chance to see in their natural habitat, we would like the pleasure of bringing them to you! Exotic Critter Tales is proudly spreading knowledge about some of the worlds unique and wonderful animals. We like to educate everyone around the world about the natural habits and habitats of all the animals we present. We hope to provide insight into the risk that some of these animals are facing due to our ever growing population.
Our friendly and energetic critters have appeared across the country in petting zoos, corporate events, birthday parties, educational talks, photo shoots, films and more. The majority of the animals that we work with have been bottle raised and interact with people on a daily basis.
Let Exotic Critter Tales bring an exciting interactive and educational petting zoo experience right to your door.

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